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Generators inside out is an one-day hands-on workshop that provides in-depth introduction to generators in Python.

Using lot of examples and exercises, this workshop introduces the idea of generators in depth with emphasis on the new style of programming that generators makes possible. We’ll also see how to build a cooperative multi-threading library using generators and explore the new async and await constructs of Python 3.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • write generator functions and generator expressions
  • build data pipelines using generators
  • process large datasets efficiently using generators
  • write asynchronous programs using async and await


  • Ability to write functions in Python
  • Good knowledge of basic data types in Python
  • Know how to write list comprehensions
  • Exposure to classes in Python
  • Experience of using Python standard library

September 18, 2016 (Sunday)
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM


The Energy & Resources Institute
4th Main, 2nd Cross
Domlur, 2nd Stage
Bangalore, Karnataka

Understanding Iteration

Learn iteration works in Python by understanding iteration protocol and the concept of iterable and iterator.


Introduction to the concept of generators. Understand how generators support lazy evaluation and how that can be use to create data pipelines for processing large datasets. Also explores how generators leads to better program organization.

Generators as coroutines

Learn how to use generators as coroutines to achive cooperative multitasking.

Coroutines with async and await

Understand the new awat and async constructs introduced in Python 3.5 for writing native coroutines.

Anand Chitipothu

Anand has been crafting beautiful software since a decade and half. He’s now building a data science platform, rorodata, which he recently co-founded. He regularly conducts advanced programming courses through Pipal Academy. He is co-author of web.py, a micro web framework in Python. He has worked at Strand Life Sciences and Internet Archive.